Women from a place of image insecurity to EMPOWERMENT

make up make overSusan believes with her whole heart and soul that you were born to live out your DREAMS. She believes it is our birthright to experience joy, passion, ease, abundance, unconditional love and have LOTS of FUN. We all play a very essential and unique role in helping to create the perfect global community that we are all longing for, especially in these shifting times. Her passion is not only to live the life of her dreams, but to serve you to do the same.

Susan’s been working with the human spirit for over 25 years as a psychotherapist. She is best known today for her relentless efforts in moving women from a place of image insecurity to EMPOWERMENT, see this.

She is so grateful for what she considers her own divinely guided journey in creating her own healing skin care line. She never grew up wanting to create her own facial crème, she felt more like Sasha Belle Skin Care found her and all Susan had to do was accept the challenge. And what a ride it has been! The ups and downs of the entrepreneurial process has taught her more about herself and has opened doors that she could have only dreamt about. Sasha Belle Skin Care line continues to be her greatest teacher and has naturally evolved into a passion of wanting to help you to find the creativity that’s burning inside of you and inspire you to discover your own INSIDE ALCHEMIST.

I am a seeker of all things beautiful, powerful, provocative and courageous. This, my glorious friend is exactly what you already are.

I know, I know you were hoping for evidence of a “quick” fix, perhaps some new painless diet and exercise plan. Or, even better the immediate remedy for a younger, firmer and perfectly flawless face. I totally get not wanting to be where you are and longing for the “new and improved” self to bound forth complete with fireworks, a hot new guy or girl, and perhaps that baby blue jag you’ve had your eye on all your life. But…. and this will be the last “BUT” you will hear coming out of my mouth, believe me when I say all of the above are going to feel like a plastic trinket that falls from the gum ball machine after you hook into your Empowered, Gorgeous Authentic Self!

As we embark on the excellent adventure of Authentic Empowerment, beauty beyond belief and the freedom of knowing that you already have everything you need to step into your Gorgeous Self; superficial acts of “fixing” things that were never broken may cause random outbursts of uncontrollable laughter. You will truly See and Feel what I already Know about you, and instead of a “make-Over” you will experience more of a “make-Up” (I use this in the relational sense of the word opposed to the thick cover foundational sense of the word). The simple truth that real beauty comes from the inside out and that as this truth is realized and expressed anything external is just icing on the most delectable cake.

Yes, we are talking about complete transformation here, but before you stop reading this and begin to furiously search for another type of “make-over” I will promise you this isn’t the gut wrenching night of the dark soul kind of transformation. I know this Authentic Empowerment talk may sound very taxing and hard to accomplish; however, the opposite is true. We will be relaxing more, having more fun and “doing” less. The truth is that “buying” into the conditioning about not being enough, or not projecting the “right” image has been the most energy draining and downright depressing work we have ever done! The “Make-Up” will be more about “undoing” than doing, which of course creates its own challenge.

Often times when we hear the word challenge we associate it with a lot of hard work and struggle. As we shift our perspective within the powerful community of women clearing out old destructive belief systems, we will learn to understand that the type of challenge I am referring to is more of a waking up to what you have always known about yourself, learning to listen deeply to your heart’s desire, and finally allowing yourself the opportunity to serve both yourself, and others with all the fun, love and joy of a child at play.