What’s the Difference Between Car Detailing and Car Washing?

Since some owners are not familiar of car detailing, they will immediately dismiss it as car wash once they get the general gist of it. It is also one of the reasons why there aren’t that a lot of car owners that put up with car detailing, since they think that it is similar to a car wash and the latter is much cheaper. What most people don’t realize that both processes are quite different from each other.

Car Wash
Most car washes fall into five different categories:
 Drive in – car washes are usually cloth friction or touchless wash. The latter relies more on high-powered water jets and detergents to clean the surface of the car. Only cleaning solutions and water comes into contact with the car.
 Soap Up – immediately after the previous step, most car washing goes through pre-soak. This is a process wherein multiple small nozzles spray out a special solution to the car.
 Scrub – this involves scrubbing, wherein there are large cylinders that has hundreds of cloth strips attached to them. They rotate in a rapid manner as the car goes through them. Its speeds can go anywhere between 100 and 500 rpm. Although these cloths are very smooth, it can feel like a whip if hits your skin.
 Blast – in this phase, it makes use of a high pressure washer wherein water jets spray out concentrated water onto the car. Every water jet nozzles are arranged in a pinwheel manner. The force coming from the nozzles causes it to spin rapidly.
 Rinse – the last arc is where the car goes through rinsing. There are a series of nozzles in this area wherein it utilizes clean water to remove any residue left after the high-pressure washer.

Car Detailing
Once you learn more about detailing, you will realize that it is quite different from a car wash.

The car wash involves mostly small cars, but car detailing can be used on various vehicles, whether this be small cars or as big as airplanes. Many detailing companies offer their services to different vehicle types.

But that is not where car detailing is different from car washing. The former involves a thorough or meticulous cleaning and restoring the car back to its luster when it first rolled out from the factory. This means that it makes the car look like brand new. Car wash involves washing the exterior of the car, while car detailing goes beyond that. Exterior is applied with sealants, waxes and polish in order to give it more shine and gloss like a brand new car does. Interior detailing involves washing the surface of the seats, windows, dashboard, etc. Every nook and cranny is taken into consideration to get rid of the dust and dirt accumulated into the interior of the car.

Car wash can take as little as a couple of hours. Some even less than an hour, depending on the extent of the wash. Car detailing can take several hours depending on how “dirty” the exterior and the interior of the car is.
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