What is Coaching?

The International Coach Federation defines coaching as follows:

Coaching is an ongoing relationship between the professional coach and the client, which it helps client’s needs and gives attention on taking action towards client’s problem on how they can resolve it with their goals and desires. Coaching may also use the process of asking and doing discovery to build on with client’s awareness and their responsibility in providing the client with structure, support and feedback.

What is Transition?

Life coachTransitions represent a passage from one state to another — be it emotional, professional, or situational. These passages can represent both a challenge and an opportunity to move beyond the status quo depending on how they are approached.

What is Life Transition Coaching?

Life transition coaching can help you focus on successfully moving toward the next chapter of your life by using an action-oriented, goal-focused, problem-solving approach. It can empower you to realize your potential by creating a vision and an action plan in order to facilitate positive changes in your life, try this.

Recovery Coaching

You’re clean and sober; now what?

Are you asking yourself: “Where do I go from here?” The momentum of recovery can be dampened by uncertainty about the future.

Find a new focus for the rest of your life

When your life no longer revolves around addictions, how do you fill that empty space? A Recovery Coach will help you to:

Develop a new sense of direction for your life.
Focus on possibilities, goals and actions.
Step out onto the launching pad and catapult yourself into a life of
hope and success. This is to help out people who are in need of advice and coaching in becoming a successful person and a motivation to strive more on becoming a successful business Man or a person.

Coaching complements not only what people done but also what has a person made for a change a betterment both these roles. It’s the third prong of your support system.

Your sponsor holds you accountable for working the 12 steps.
Your therapist helps you understand and work through the reasons
for your addiction.
Your coach partners with you to define the life you want for yourself
and guides you through the action steps to achieve it.

Clarify your vision

With a recovery coach beside you, you’ll:

Uncover your passion and rebuild your life.
Discover and fine tune what’s most important to you.
Identify and eliminate those activities, behaviors and people that
are holding you back.
Define specific action steps

Your recovery coach encourages you to set realistic goals and take consistent action in order to:

Feel hopeful, energized and motivated.
Enjoy a balanced life.
Increase your self-esteem by knowing that you are competent.
Work through fears, obstacles , self pitty and self-doubt.

Roadblocks occur. That’s life. In some way, this will work with the help and support of a recovery coach, it’s getting easier and fast to break down those barriers so that you:

Build upon the people who are eager and has a courage to change all the things that they can.
Move out of the stuck places in your life.
Re-discover the inner strength to do what you want to do.
Are you ready, willing and able to take action?

Then contact us now for more information on this individualized coaching program. After all the effort, hard work that you’ve done, you must owe it to yourself.

This experience truly opened a long-closed and ignored door into finding “my rhythm.” As a helping professional and as a “giver” by nature, it´s very rewarding to have an opportunity (and permission) to take care of myself which in turn will create greater balance in my life and in the lives of those I touch every day.

The coaching was enlightening and clarifying. It allowed me to look at the possibilities for my future…I am grateful. Enlightening experience…focusing broad-stroke vision into tangible, practical steps and actions. It helped to clarify my vision. It brought me back to myself and gave me tools that I can use to move forward. Reminding me that the power is within. Reminding me to keep a balance. Knowing that I can make that change.

I feel less overwhelmed and can now see beyond the immediate problems, deadlines, and stress. I now have a clear picture of what I’m really striving for.