What can be done with just a simple deck of cards

Hello everybody!
Today we have interviewed a guy who is one of the best magicians in the world with a simple deck of playing cards. When we saw what was possible with such a relatively simple tool we were astonished, flabbergasted and we could not believe out own eyes. It was a miracle with a deck of cards that unfolded before our very own eyes. We have seen tricks like this on youtube. One of the common videos that we see is of the guy shin lim, who tells that he uses may hours a day just to practice a simple little thing like a move or a new technique. And indeed there are endless things that can be done with a deck of cards. But what exactly can be done then? That is what we are here to find out obviously and with us we have a magician with many years of experience in performing and developing these great and awesome tricks. So we will here say what he has been said about what can be done with a deck of cards.

52 assistants at your service

So what can we do with these 52 little papers slices? That is a good question and if you see a show with me you will instantly see that there are much more to this little tool than just playing Poker or some other game. You can learn these card tricks right here for free  but you can also go to youtube and start learning right away. There are many many options for you to choose from and it never ends, so there is no need for you to try and read it all because it just keeps on coming! You can do a lot of things with them and for example a good card trick you have a card selected, you then shuffle the deck and you then proceed to find it in very strange strange circumstances. Just in this little simple effect there is a lot to take in because it all comes down to one thing: and that is that the spectators remember the card. If they don’t we are out of luck!