Rhinoplasty plastic surgeon

As there is nothing without its downside, nose surgery has its fair share of setbacks. One of the main disadvantages is that the procedure is invasive; therefore, you body must be cut. This is risky since it exposes you to bleeding, infections and other complications. The obvious advantage of the procedure is that it helps you to look more beautiful. The nose is placed at the centre of the face and all aesthetic features of the face heavily rely on it; therefore, if you change the structure of the face just slightly, you are bound to witness great changes in the looks of a person. The third advantage of the procedure is that it increases your self esteem and confidence. When you have the look that you always desired, you are bound to become more confident in your life. If you are working, increased confidence results to increased output in sandiegorhinoplasty.net.

After the procedure is complete, the patient is allowed to go home after the surgeon has observed him for 6-8 hours. If the patient had undergone a major correction, the surgeon can request the patient to stay until the following day. This is meant to give the surgeon more time to observe the patient.

Disadvantages may also come on having rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty Can Alter Your Voice, It is not just the breasts that start sagging with time, but even the nose lengthens and droops. Apart from improving aesthetic feature and eradicating the problem of clogged nostril, rhinoplasty reportedly also changes the resonance of your voice. The result varies with different people. While for some the change in voice can be obvious, for others it can be too subtle to notice. There are couple of other medical complications that can entitle you for a free nose job including deviated spectrum, nosebleed or facial pain. The insurance company will cover for rhinoplasty only if you have some medical condition that hinders you from breathing easy.

Some of the surgeon’s performs rhinoplasty surgery:

Joseph Mele, M.D.
After graduating with high honors in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California, he was awarded the prestigious Regents Scholarship to attend the Davis School of Medicine in the University of California. Dr. Mele is board certified plastic surgeon by both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He completed his surgical residency at San Joaquin Hospital and sub- specialized with a Fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Saint Francis Memeorial Hospital.

* Gary Friedman, M.D.
His formal training to become a plastic surgeon spanned a period of 17 years. He had his pre- med undergradute and formal medicine studies at the Ohio State University. Dr. Friedman had his internship at Mount Zion Hosital and Medical Center in San Francisco. He then had his general surgery residency at Marquette University and plastic surgery residency at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital. In 1973, he started his private practice. After building a solid foundation in general and reconstructive surgery, he hen chose to focus his attention entirely in the area of cosmetic surgery.

* Laureen Greenberg, M.D.
Certified by the American Board of  rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery and member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Greenberg has completed fellowship training specifically in cosmetic surgery. Prior to her professional medical practice, she had her education in Dartmouth College, Northwestern University Medical School and Stanford University. She has also been a hospital staffer in the following: Menlo Park Surgical Hospital, Lucille Salter Packard Childrens Hospital, Sequioa Hospital and Plastic Surgery Center.