Inflatable hot tub in basement

Inflatable hot tubs are indeed a fun addition to any home whether it’s in your backyard, garden, and even deck, it can serve as the perfect outlet for any spring and summer activities you may have planned.
However, some of you may have other plans in regards with your inflatable hot tub such as putting it in your basement for privacy, but before you go downstairs dont wait and setup your inflatable hot tub, here are some tips on how you should do it, but first, we’ll talk about some problems you might encounter in setting up your inflatable hot tub.

PROBLEM: Having a hot tub in your basement can cause algae, mold, and mildew to grow inside your hot tub or in the surrounding areas.

SOLUTION: While your basement may seem like the perfect place for your hot tub, especially during cold months and because of privacy, it can also pose some problems since your basement is shielded from the outside elements. Mold, mildew, algae, and other waterborne fungi can foster and grow in your basement.
Introducing your inflatable hot tub in your basement can lead to a dramatic increase in condensation and temperature, not only in your tub but also in the area around it.
This also increases moisture in the surrounding area which can lead to damaging your sockets and wires in the process.
However, this doesn’t mean you should be discouraged from putting your inflatable hot tub in the basement.

If you really want to setup your inflatable hot tub in your basement, here are some things you need to be aware of:

Before moving or setting up your m spa hot tubs inflatable hot tub in your basement, make sure you designate a place where you want to put your inflatable hot tub.

Besides the ventilation for your basement, it’s important to take note that safety should be your primary concern if you want to put your hot tub in your basement, that means your floor should be clear of objects that may puncture your inflatable hot tub or have your floor tiled and fitted with anti-slip mats. Perhaps you can even add some steps or railings to prevent accidents.

For warmer months, especially during the summer, we recommend that you install a central air conditioning unit and have it run constantly. A central air conditioning unit helps in lessening humidity in and around your hot tub and basement.

Besides using the help of a centralized air conditioning system, having a mechanical ventilation can help a lot. Mechanical ventilation systems help in bringing air from the outside and bringing out exhaust air from the inside thus balancing the process. This also helps in preventing higher bills due to natural ventilation processes.
Think of a way where you can dispose used water such as providing an exit directly through your garden or improvising a drainage system whenever you’re cleaning your hot tub in your basement.

Don’t hesitate to approach home improvement experts and or companies to help you setup your inflatable hot tub in your basement as they can really help in fulfilling what you want and prevent accidents when being used.
Of course, for this to be successful, remember that your hot tub needs to be cleaned at least after every week after using it.