Housing complex Security and Camera-Surveillance System

You will find yourself as a world citizen surrounded by a universal approach and philosophy of living in an unlimited world of choices.You will see that a lot more is possible in a housing complex with the entire natural, social, cultural, and sports facilities. Our housing complex is built on a large area of 6.092 m2, and apart from the two building blocks with a total basement settlement are of 750 m2, the remaining area of 5.342 m2 is completely green.

Our housing complex is built in an exquisite location on one of the highest hills of the beautiful Payallar20district of Alanya, surrounded by pinewoods on the west side, the Konaklı district on the east side, the Taurus Mountains on the north side, and the magnificent Mediterranean Sea on the south side. The most remarkable feature of our housing complex is that it has an excellent view of both sunrise and sunset, and breathes clean and fresh mountain air. The housing complex is 18 km distant to Alanya, 7 km distant to the centrum of Avsallar, 3 km distant to the centrum of Konaklı, and 100 km distant to the Antalya International
•   Living Areas
1.  Settlement Plan
a.  Two 10-floor building blocks
b.  Separate parking lot for the 2 blocks
c.  Swimming pool
d.  Security
e.  Children’s park
f.   Mini golf
g.  Hiking track
h.  Open-air fitness area
i.   Garden wall, iron gate, and illuminations
2.  Social Living Areas and Activities
a.  400 m2 swimming pool: One open-air pool surrounded by with sunbathing terraces
b.  Children’s swimming pool: Built next to the open-air pool for adults, where you can see them while they swim
c.  Aquapark: A place next to the open-air pool for adults, where you and your children will have a lot of fun
d.  Resting kiosks: Places to sit and rest in the nature within the housing complex
e.  Mini golf
f.   Hiking track
d.  Children’s park
e.  Open-air fitness area
f.   Sauna
3.  Security and Camera-Surveillance System
•   24-hour surveillance pan/tiltat the housing complex entrance and environs
•   A 1,5 meter high wall surrounding the housing complex and a barrier on the wall
•   Security and surveillance cameras all around the housing complex
•   Illumination system specially 2Bsecurity designed for the housing complex
•   Intercom between the security building and all the apartments.
Audiovisual intercom system in every apartment that allows communication with people at the building door.

Standard Apartment
Type 1-9
Entrance 8,7 m2
Bedroom 15,80 m2
Master bedroom 19,20 m2
Bathroom 1 10,90 m2
Living room 32,85 m2
Bathroom 2 6,35 m2
Terrace 1 25,40 m2
Terrace 2 6,15 m2
Total: 125,35 m2
Technical Details and Materials to be Used
1.Apartment doors will be of steel
2.Floors will be 45×45 cm glossy beige granite squares
3.Bathroom floors and walls will be 45×45 cm matt beige granite squares
4.There will be 6-jet Jacuzzis in bathrooms
5.The vanity tops in bathrooms will be black granite, and the sinks will be of Duravit brand
6.There will be closets under the vanity tops in bathrooms
7.The taps will be of Grohe brand and of Euro Smart model
8.Duravit brand built-in reservoirs will be used for toilets
9.The bodies of kitchen closets will be of Laminated MDF, and the lids will be PVS Print
10.The kitchen top and the facing will be of black granite
11.There will be plaster drywalls and spots in the rooms
12.Interior doors will be American Panel doors
13.The windows will be of Plastik Pen brand, made of double-layer thermal glass and opened in two directions
14.The windows will also have blinds
15.There will be aluminum balustrades in the balconies
16.Audiovisual intercoms at the doors
17.Refrigerator, built-in oven, cooker, chimney hood, dishwasher in every apartment
18.Air-conditioner in every room
19.Satellite dish of 5 meter diameter that receives all the channels in the world
20.Storage rooms in the basement for every apartment
21.2 elevators in each block with panoramic glass and mountain view
22.10 washing machines and a drier in the basement
23.Solar energy panels for every apartment. The panels will be on top of the roofs, and the water tanks will be in the basement (plus an auxiliary water tank)
24.Reception at the entrance of each building
26.Generators that will activate automatically in electrical interruptions in our housing development
27.Central ADSL system (internet in every apartment)

1-        Gardening
2-        One 2007 model Volkswagen van for 9 passengers belonging to the housing complex
3-        Five 2007 model motorcycles
4-        Chauffeur
5-        Security
6-        Janitor