Foot and body massage services

All Anh Duong staff are properly trained in traditional foot care. High standard equipment: Large, clean room, large couch, can be lifted down as required, large room with satellite TV.

Chair 400Service:
– Hot Stone Massage : A comprehensive health care product we want to offer you first thing
– Body Massage : When we take care of your health, we do it with the heart and responsibility of traditional medicine practitioners.
– Foot Massage : Feet connected with many parts of the body especially the heart and mind, if you do a good pedicure, you will no longer worry about disease.
Sunshine Saigon Massage provides fare information and massage ticket sales
Massage facilities blinds Sun, where relaxation for tired, treat pain, the evidence of musculoskeletal because the blinds do with whether the standards Medicine combined massage methods of Shiatsu Japanese The optimal effect for the patients, in addition to help children are blind people have a better life.

Massage Tan Tai Thu specializes in foot massage, body massage, providing fare information and selling massage tickets
Massage is one of the forms of health care from ancient times. However, when the massage almost everyone just pay attention to beautify the body parts such as skin, lips that forget the most important part of health is the legs. Especially for modern women, who often have to wear high heels, or work that requires a lot of walking, causing leg aches to affect sleep, mood and wellbeing.
Tan Tai Thu provides the most advanced spa services and perfect for you to enjoy the moments of deposition of life. With luxurious space, affirms the new spa class, bringing the highest level experience ever. Modern equipment along with the line of body care products of famous brands show the most caring attention to you.
Why should you choose Foot Massage as a Tipping Point destination?
– Get a good start on infrastructure
– Spacious rooms
– Quiet space
– Foot Massage Tan Tai Thu – Soak herbs with 100% herbal from nature
– Teams of enthusiastic, professional, young
Coming to Tan Tai Foot Massage you will enjoy the massage package, unique acupuncture points, not only help your legs become healthy but also eliminate fatigue, restore the flow of energy. and consolidate the whole health problem of your body. A quiet, peaceful space, separate from the flow of life, giving customers the absolute comfort and relaxation.
With 5 massage instructions on the body, you can follow the order with different body parts in turn, such as back, forearm, legs, … When finished massage for each section, At a slower pace and then begin to massage another area of ​​the body.
Many studies show that body massage using osaki os4000 not only helps to reduce stress, fatigue, but also helps to reduce fat, reduce fat, firm your body. With the massage of the body like above, you can complete at home in just a few minutes without having to go to the spa every day. Be patient by doing massage for yourself and your loved ones, and you will notice a dramatic improvement! The skin will be stimulated to produce new cells to strengthen the skin surface, reducing age drooping.