Beverage Dispensing Goes Digital

Unless you’re in the food and beverage business or more specifically the alcohol business, you might not realize there is a science behind a lot of the business management. From menu designs to bottle placements, mirrored illusions, lighting, general interior design and layout, there is a ton to consider. The days of simply tapping a keg, popping a cork or screwing a lid, really beverage dispensing in general, are also rapidly becoming more engineered in that they’re going digital. One Denmark based company, Provargo, is paving the way of this method of bar management.

Beverage Dispensing Data

When you think of drinks being poured in bars/pubs, hotels or nightclubs, you tend to visualize the bar tender measuring out liquors using shot glasses or specifically designed measuring glasses to ensure the right amount. Veteran bartenders may just eye out measurements right into the glass. Research has shown us however that these methods can lead to unbalanced bookkeeping and budgets. Provargo, is helping the drinks industry around the globe take control of beverage dispensing systems with the development of wireless cloud-based systems which transmits accurate data of dispensed drinks using digital monitoring and measurement tools. They suitably call this the “ProCloud system”.

How ProCloud System Works

Provargo have developed a unique control and dispensing unit that can be used for free pour and/or portioning drinks such as wine and liquor; wall-rack dispenser liquors; post-mix controllers; beer taps and bulk goods. Each method of beverage dispensing is given a proprietary unit which then wirelessly transmits data to a transceiver unit that collects and organizes the information to send back and forth from your database.

There are few options on tap (pun intended) for database access and information. The ProCloud database system is the main cloud-based solution that is used in conjuction with Provargo’s beverage dispensing units. ProCloud provides a detailed but clear overview on sales. You can access a real-time view of those sales and compare your average figures from week to week. It can also break down the sales into separate departments and/or gather data on a specific product.

Not only that, ProCloud offers a stock management solution by displaying the levels of products you have available so you know instantly what you need to order.

ProCloud works in conjunction with the ProCloud App. By syncing them up, you can be notified of important events when you are on the go.

Like any online or cloud based company, Provargo take data security very seriously. Any time you need access to ProCloud, you will be asked to login each time. Using a unique password will further help secure your information. On top of security of your information, is the security from data loss. ProCloud is backed-up by Provargo on a daily basis so you know you have access to your information after any unforeseen circumstances.