The Best Measure to Control Cholesterol

You find in the course of your medical tests that you have high cholesterol levels and the doctor advises you to do everything in your means to bring the levels down, or you will enter the high risk category. You get the prescribed medicines and you start the course, but what else you can do to assure that you stay on the right track?

The Best Advice You Can Have Go On a Cholesterol Free Diet

Yes, that makes a lot of sense, but what is a cholesterol free diet? So, first let us see what foods are cholesterol free the best bet is eating fruits and green vegetables. Amongst meat, the best choices are white meat (chicken) and fish only grilled or baked. The foods that give high cholesterol and should be totally excluded from your diet are eggs, red meat (beef), and dairy products.

Studies have shown that green tea affects these processes and the unabsorbed lipids are excreted from the body as waste. This tea is known to contain caffeine as one of its ingredients and this is an important stimulant in many fat burners. It helps in the release of fat into the bloodstream for it to be used up by the body to produce energy. Other ingredients that are useful burn fat for women include chromium which helps regulate blood  lowering cholesterol,  lowers appetite and Citrus Aurantium which is known to be helpful when it comes to burning fat. If you are looking for an effective way to lose weight green tea fat burner is the solution for you. is definitely the way to go.

Sometimes the problem is in your genes. There are many times when the liver, which is responsible for producing about eighty percent of the cholesterol in the body, produces more than it should. When this happens, it will still make sense to have a cholesterol free diet as the best weapon against accumulation of cholesterol in the body.
Since there is a very high awareness today on matters regarding cholesterol, the market is full of products that can be used to maintain a cholesterol free diet such as fat-free margarine, low-fat oils, low-fat meat, and even sugar-free desserts. The doctor or a good nutritionist can help you chalk out a good meal schedule that will give you both nutrition and freedom from cholesterol.
A cholesterol free diet will be helped along with regular exercise, such a 20-30 minutes walk. The cholesterol levels can be easily kept in control by the right combination of cholesterol free diet and exercise. Some other exercises that are helpful are swimming, aerobics, jogging, brisk walking, etc. Yoga, the new addition to the diary of health-conscious people, is also a very good alternative for keeping the levels of the cholesterol down.
It remains for you to decide what combination you adopt to keep your cholesterol down. However, it is always advisable whether you have high cholesterol or not to move towards a cholesterol free diet in order to stay out of the danger of heart ailments.