Best Golf Range Finder

While golf may seem like a relaxed and easy game, it can also be a game of great unpredictability especially since there are several factors at play, such as slope, distance, and yes, even the club that you are using.
Although some golf players highly discourage the use of extra tools, it does help a lot in a game of golf, and one of the best equipment to use is a range finder.

What is a Range Finder?

Range finders have been around for quite some time now however their use in golf is very new. Range finders are a great alternative to traditional yardage books, and compared to other games, golf is very slow paced and it can get quite frustrating when calculations are done manually as this also increases the margin of error.

How do Rangefinders Work?

As stated above, rangefinders have replaced the traditional yardage books used in golfing before, Best Golf Range Finder make it easier for golfers to sight the playing field before hand. Now, before you head out and buy one for yourself, here are some things you should now:
There are two types of rangefinders: lasers and GPS.
Laser rangefinders work by directing a beam of laser into a certain direction and measures the distance by finding out fast the beam travels back to the scope. Laser rangefinders are more accurate compared to GPS rangefinders.
GPS rangefinders on the other have a preloaded map of the golf course you’ll be playing at, unlike laser rangefinders, GPS rangefinders will give you the best view of the course without considering other variables such as slopes, some GPS rangefinders may require you to manually input some information to get the best results while some come equipped with auto-recognition software that will give you all the information you need for a certain course.

Any avid golfer who wants to improve their play speed and accuracy will really benefit from a range finder.
Below is a list of the best rangefinders in the market today that will suit style and budget:

Bushnell Pro X7: Considered to be the best all around rangefinder in the market today, the Bsuhnell Pro X7 is deadly accurate when it comes to the field. It has x7 magnification and an accurate 550-yard sighting range. Bigger than most rangefinders which takes up most of the box, the X7 comes with a semi-hard case that you can attach at the side of your golf bag for easy access.

Bushnell V4 (Laser) Rangefinder: Another favorite of ours from Bushnell, this crowd favorite is compact yet deadly. The brother of the V3, the V4 is the first to introduce the PInseeker technology together with the JOLT vibration feature. It shoots very easily and can fit in any good-sized pocket or stored safely in your bag; this is the best rangefinder for anyone who might be in a tight budget.

TecTecTec VPRO500: A newcomer in the rangefinder industry, this rangefinder from TecTecTec is perfect for daily plays in the golf course to tournaments. It has a realistic 400 yard range, with a price tag to match. Durable and has a water-resistant body, the VPRO500 is sure to get the job done.
Although a rangefinder may seem pricey at first, it is a worthy investment because it will help you perfect your game in golf, you may start off with something within your budget and move on to more pricey and sophisticated scopes as you go on.